Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata Fine Art Conceptual Street Photography Absurdity

"Flower Shaming" is a coy, cutesy, twee little piece exploring slut-shaming, trolling, and name-calling in general. As these young plants proudly blossom and expose their magnificent colors and forms, I have chosen to mark (and mar) them with vulgar words. Not to bludgeon anyone with my terribly indelicate feminist hammer, but this project politely investigates the lasting effect of derogatory words on their recipients. While the graffiti itself is ephemeral, so is the the life of the flower, and upon its fleeting grandeur I have etched something both vile and discordant. In this I ask if simple words do more lasting harm than our society would like to admit, and I ask the viewer to apply this question to the larger context of human (specifically female) life, and the vile words we casually, thoughtlessly etch upon each other.

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