Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata Fine Art Conceptual Street Photography Absurdity

Every Bodega in Manhattan was a conceptual photographic project in which I walked every (yes, every, yes, I mean it) street on the island of Manhattan, documenting every mom-and-pop deli, convenience store, cornershop, bodega, (or insert your preferred label for this type of small business here). This project took 9 months, wore out the soles on my boots twice, and caused only one torn ligament. While I captured over 2000 businesses in my foray, there are likely far fewer now, as the ever-changing city's current trend is toward corporate homogeny, which means both higher rents for store owners and fierce competition from "recognizable" brands. What has long served as the anchor to each neighborhood (ask any New Yorker about "their" bodega - just do it) is now vanishing and this is my tribute to what I consider both an icon and a metaphor for the melting pot that never sleeps.

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