Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata Fine Art Conceptual Street Photography Absurdity

SOME OMAHA SIGNS is a photo-documentary project in which I am seeking out aging or aesthetically outmoded signs. The images I have collected are visual history of a time and place that will no longer exist at some point. This is not nostalgia for its own sake, this is a catalog of symbols people crafted with intention, and I feel it is the documentarian's duty to embrace and celebrate whatever those things are that create meaning and memories for whatever population they serve - intentionally or not. I have documented signs that I can recall from childhood, places that hold memories still vivid to me, and I have chosen to document signs that I simply found visually intriguing, but that surely hold meaning to others. Nothing that is made by human hands to serve human eyes should be allowed, in my opinion, to simply vanish with no record of existence. Even if the meaning imparted through my documentation has little to do with the intended purpose or audience of the sign itself, I am declaring its value in the only way a photographer can: by creating a visual record.

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