Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata Fine Art Conceptual Street Photography Absurdity


..maybe you'd like to have very unusual family portraits. Possibly you'd like me to document your wedding, and then draw weird creatures sitting on your head or crawling out of your bouquet. Let's say you desperately need a photo of your favorite deli(s) or convenience store(s) (if it's in Manhattan I ALREADY HAVE WHAT YOU NEED ), landmark, neighborhood, pet, friend, sandwich, or... whatever. If it can be photographed, drawn, or photographed and then drawn on top of the photograph, I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

My background in photography began with several years of incredibly dry and formal vocational education. First I learned all the "rules" of technically perfect photography, from lighting through technical gibberish and old-timey wet darkroom skills. Then I attended some fancy art schools, got a couple of fancy degrees, and studied how (more importantly, WHY and WHEN) to break all the rules I'd previously learned about photography.

If all of that is not enough cred for you, listen to all of these people who believe I know what I'm doing, and then find out for yourself!

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