Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata Fine Art Conceptual Street Photography Absurdity

Having been introduced to photography through my high school's vocational education program, my approach may be conceptually less organic than that of my colleagues who first embraced the medium as an extemporary means of expression rather than an occupational device. The foundational rigidity through which I learned photography is expressed in the formal rigidity of my work. I believe that adopting the practice of always having a camera on hand in daily life, and attempting to experience all visual stimuli as though through a lens, allows not for the reflexes to capture "The Decisive Moment" (as per Henri Cartier-Bresson), but imbues the photographer with a detached, almost mechanical view that allows the "Decisive Moment" to unfold before her. I feel that street photography is not a frantic chase after some fleeting intangible, but a dispassionate ambush in which the subject stumbles into place and presents itself to be documented. 

...So here's when that happened.

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