"Every Bodega In Manhattan" is a conceptual documentary project in which I am photographing every cornershop on the island of Manhattan as quickly as possible, as I walk each block in the city (CLICK FOR A MAP OF MY CURRENT PROGRESS!). I am concerned that this iconic piece of NYC will drown in a sea of corporate homogeny and I am desperate to collect these sites before their owners are driven out of business for services the bodega already meets by actually knowing its clientele and the neighborhood. To maintain visual uniformity, I have chosen to use one camera, a Nikon D800E, and one 50mm lens. I'm attempting to control all possible aspects of my shooting conditions, with respect to pioneers like Bernd and Hilla Becher, to allow a blank canvas on which the stores themselves are paramount - not the weather, the dramatic lighting of sunset, or the changing seasons. I am shooting solely during the day, and have attempted to avoid human subjects entering the frame whenever possible. In adopting these practices, I feel each bodega's correlations and discordances are allowed to become glaringly obvious, regardless of the irrefutable truth that each store ultimately proffers the same basic items behind its garish accidental window collage of advertisements - the same sundries with a sharp twist on price, or a nod to the local demographic. Further information about the project - in the form of an informal journal of my movements - can be found at 40sandflowers.tumblr.com.
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